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Nov 10, 2018

Lamb Street Food
Though the name Lamb Street Food makes it an unlikely vegan destination, this popular restaurant in Reykjavík has an incredible cruelty-free selection. In fact, they make their own vegan falafel, served with unusual plant-based sauces built on ingredients including dates, apricots, coriander, turmeric and coconut milk. Their homemade vegan flatbread also serves as the foundation for build-your-own wraps filled with options including beet and carrot salad, sweet potato and kale salad, roasted turmeric potatoes, and hummus. Top off your custom-built plant-based assemblage with dips such as tahini, roasted red pepper, and mango chili, and you’ll be in vegan heaven.

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Aug 1, 2018

We absolutely loooooove Lamb Restaurant in Reykjavik. This place is superb, lots of flavor, tons of fresh ingredients, and the absolutely nicest staff around. We love to cruise down on our WOW bikes, slide into their slick space, and rock one of Glenn’s Special salads (soooo good), and a killer Lamb in the Paddock. Try the sauces, build your own, you really cant go wrong.

They also have a great local beer selection, some killer deserts, and the first (and only???) automatic Shawarma slicer, which besides being amazing to watch, perfectly cuts off the choicest cuts of local lamb gyro ensuring a perfect bite every time. It’s amazing.

The decor is also so cool, modern, and fresh, great for hanging out, or munching down on some delicious elevated street food. Lamb definitely takes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food to a new level. Thanks Lamb, we love ya!

Reykjavik Grapevine

Make Lamb Great Again: Reinventing Icelandic Lamb The Middle Eastern Way

July 20, 2018

“Developing the recipe for the rotating spit took almost two years,” Rita says. “We are using the best parts of the lamb, very unlike most restaurants who offer rotisserie meats. We make everything ourselves, from the flatbread—which is baked to order—to every single sauce and dip on offer. We’re here every morning, making preparations for each lunch rush, and for every customer who comes in during the day and into the evening.” …

Icelandic Lamb

Jun 19, 2018

Lamb Street Food

Not often does something come along that truly changes the status quo. Lamb Street Food, a new quick serve eatery really hits the mark. Located at Grandagarður 7 in Reykjavík, Iceland this cleverly designed place takes the best of what we know from Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine and takes it to a whole new level.

This king of street food is known as shawarma (Turkish) the gyro (Greek) or as owner Rita Didriksen refers to it Döner Kebab. The base is meat cut from a compacted cone that spins on a high heat rotisserie. Slices are shaved as it slowly turns and roasts all day, cooking in its own juices. From there meat is thinly sliced and added to a pita or other type of flatbread where assorted salads and sauces are used to finish the dish. . . .


Nýr veit­ingastaður opn­ar út á Granda

May 3, 2018

Á Grand­an­um hef­ur opnað nýr veit­ingastaður sem kall­ast Lamb Street Food og er – eins og nafnið bend­ir til – staður sem býður upp á afar snjalla blöndu af því sem kall­ast street food eða götumat­ur og er oft skil­greint sem vandaða út­gáf­an af skyndi­bita og svo hágæða ís­lensku hrá­efni þar sem lambið er í for­grunni. Í brúnni stend­ur hug­sjón­ar­kon­an Rita Di­drik­sen sem ákvað að venda kvæði sínu í kross og opna veit­ingastað en hún starfaði sem fram­halds­skóla­kenn­ari fram til árs­ins 2015 þegar hún ákvað að fara út í veit­ing­a­rekst­ur á samt eig­in­manni sín­um Ásmundi Pálma­syni. . . .